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soho sand witch

Written on May 2, 2009 by mimecine

So today kind of started so-so when walking over to the store with a coffee in hand I got bumped by a large Scandinavian tourist who were swirling around in Washington Square Park, getting half my very expensive coffee spilled all over my very inexpensive blazer. To console myself I went to Grandaisy Bakery to pick up something yummy to up my mood. And what do they have there if not a Scandinavian “lyxrågmacka” – they call it Il Scandinavio or so. It’s sliced eggs, sliced cucumber, capers and red onion on seven grain dark bread. I meant to take a picture, but after passing the sandwich too close to my mouth it disappeared, leaving but the wrapping as evidence of it’s existence. Why am I telling you?  Two things: One is of course they are damned good sandwiches. Get them when you are in soho next time. Come by us too for that matter!  Secondly, I have been daydreaming of opening a Swedish sandwicheria for years!  I even got myself sent a whole load of Swedish crispbread to do a smörgås-mini-exhibition one of these days in the store. Seeing Grandaisy beat me to it of course make me want to hurry up with my exhibition.


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