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Written on April 6, 2009 by mimecine



I, Marco, am looking for  a partner to do webstuff(*) with.  If you are someone with skills in the webby direction and feel like I do – that it’s sucky to work in the tech domain alone – please get in touch. I get gigs quite often – no BIG bills – but it’s something. The deal is simple – we split the income,we split the work.

*)  More specifically, it would be great if in addition to the html, css, js etc. you know enough programming to point out where I stupidly missed that semi-colon, or that I constantly divide by zero. I promise I’ll do the same to you! My current focus is to run php-webapps, backed by mysql or sqlite with some splashes of jquery on here and there. I dabble a bit with google’s appengine – no, haven’t looked into rails yet – and I favor pure html over flash any day.

Sounds interesting? Need work? Tired of working on a computer all day long alone with no human contact? Drop me a line at: marco@kioskkiosk.com. Thanks!

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