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Florida Day #2

Written on April 3, 2009 by mimecine

iss-1Florida Day 2:

We woke up early at the Swan Hotel and ran out without a swim. Driving around downtown Orlando we saw lots of banks and churches, a lot of new construction and many, many homes for sale.  Johnson’s Diner for breakfast, soul food, better for the atmosphere than the food itself, although not bad for eggs, grits and a biscuit, I can’t complain. Strait out of Orlando and one hour drive to the Kennedy Space Center, amazing, exciting…5 hour visit and it still was not enough. Take the “NASA Up-Close” tour, (love the hot pink badge) we did, definitely recommend it if you are into space, it was worth the time and expense. On the tour we got a close-up of the shuttle on the launch pad and a bunch of the facilities, not as close-up as you want but it’s cool regardless. The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) is one of the largest buildings in the world. It was originally built for the Apollo/Saturn vehicles and was later modified for the Space Shuttle operations. Cool, it’s the most 2-dimensional 3 dimensional structure I have ever seen. If you are into geeking out you’ll love this…driving around NASA it’s definitely “I Dream of Jeanie” when you come to the 1960’s low rise structures, they are where the astronauts hang out just prior to going into space, how would it feel to go from a 60’s structure into a 80’s flying machine into outer space? We toured the ISS display where you get to walk through replica segments of the space station, essentially the structure is a mesh of a science lab and a boat interior. White on white. Compact and minimal. I found myself transfixed by the grow lab. AH SCIENCE….More to come on Day 2, this is getting long and rambling- A.

Orlando Food options:

Johnson’s Diner
595 W Church St
(407) 841-0717

Queen Bees Soul Food Restaurant
3214 Orange Center Blvd
407-299-1001- lunch


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