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Mini #9: SRI

Written on January 23, 2009 by mimecine

sripieces1Somehow bags of all kinds, particularly fancy handbags, have become ALL THE RAGE over the past few years. Just like people on the American frontier would have their portraits taken with their prized music box, images of women today include themselves and their prized bag. Doodles and doddles and bibs and bobs, snazzy. We like to offer alternatives. Stephen, of the textile gallery SRI, is coming to KIOSK to share with us and you some very special, very simple and most beautiful vintage Japanese textile bags. Komebukuro, Imon-bukuro, Sakabukuro- exquisite, everyday, decadence, such a nice ASSORTMENT. I like it. He will also show some vintage Japanese objects including Zokin, beautiful hand-stitched pieces of cloth that were in fact made as dust rags. Whether you come to buy or just admire please do stop by. Join us for a beer at the opening on January 29th from 7 – 9pm. The show is on view thru February 7th. We are located at 95 Spring Street on the second floor. Look for our pink neon arrow on the street!

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