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Travel to Dullsville

Written on December 18, 2008 by mimecine

DullsvilleThey are back, the couple behind the esoteric store that inspired us a lot to do what we do. Some of you remember a store on 13th St between 4th Ave and Ave A that sold an all sorts of pleasant and wonderfully unpleasant things – for example, our ghastly parrot lamp was a find at that store – find, not a bargain that time, they liked it a lot too so we had to kind of outbid them before they let go of it. No grudge, they just liked their stuff and they should – in our world it was the best of the best, creme de la creme, gräddet på gräddet, vraznjieck vo vraznjieck (ok, I made the last one up). They closed the store a few years ago but kept on collecting things. The past three Decembers they have come back  and packed an apartment with holiday decorations, and this year they are here as well. You cannot be unhappy after a visit at their temporary store — you will find the most wonderful vintage tree decorations or window hangers there. Not sure how I can emphasize enough how important it is to go there. If there were only two stores in the world you had to go to, it would be them and us. One then? Oh, whatever!

Dullsville are just like us on the second floor – you have to ring the bell and there is no big signs to look for – 143 E 13th St, NY, NY

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