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NYC Electronics Recycling Sunday the 16th of Nov!

Written on November 15, 2008 by mimecine

Bring prosperity to someone by recycling all the electronics you have lying around tomorrow at Cooper Square (that’s south of 4th ave / St. Marks Place -ish) from 8-2. Not a great location or hours, but I am sight to leave my surplus of old cellphones, cables (it’s a treasure trove of firewire/ethernet/usb-cables) and old non-or-semi-fuctioning wifi-routers that “could come in really handy” some day. Right. They never did. So hopefully someone can make a buck in the recession while I get more space, but most importantly: They don’t get thrown in nature, hopefully. With some unluck and bad business ethics they might first get shipped to china before thrown in nature, but at least there is an effort being made! And, you know what? That would be a problem that is easy to fix with regulation/peer pressure compared to the problem of people not recycling…. Collect your things!

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