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Written on October 22, 2008 by mimecine

Thankz Gotham Gazette!

** Until divorce do us apart ** (Thanks GG)

We had a commenter the other day comment on how terrible it is in the us – that we soon will not only allow same-sex marriage, but we will *encourage* it, and the commenter felt the urge to move abroad to avoid such liberal thoughts (now, unless he/she plans moving to China or somewhere in the middle east, he should know that he’ll be less home there than here…). Let me just say we here at KIOSK encourage daycare kids to become gay, we even called your parents and encouraged them to divorce and hook up with someone with the same set of genitals as they themselves. Aren’t we terrible, we liberals.

Anyway, if you live in California and have any form of sanity, you need to vote no (NO, niet, non, nej) to proposition 8 on November 4th.  In short, that prop is trying to overturn the right to same sex marriages that got granted in the summer. (I might have gotten the facts wrong, but maybe wikipedia does it better –  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Proposition_8_(2008) )

Maybe the poster meant “Gray” marriage? Yes, he’s right, they are really sad.

Speaking of which, something really sad would be if proposition 4 would pass: It would block any teenage abortion until 48 hours after the teenagers parents would be notified. In my days I knew many sage teenage girls (I mean, is the law designed to notify the teenage fathers parents?) who would rather cut of their hands than tell their parents they were stupid enogh to get knocked up. I don’t think anyone sees lightly on abortion, teenager or not, and I encourage a teenager to have a talk with an adult before taking a decision on these matters, but it really is the persons own decision, not their parents.  I don’t think I need to explain all this to you – KIOSK customers seem to be 98% very reasonable people.  Just, if you are in California, do give these amendments a thought. Talk to your neighbors and friends about it.

I am not involved enough in politics – especially Californian – to know if there are other points that needs a steady think-through, but these two had been passed up to me and they are very, very dangerous amendments should they pass.

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