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Noa’s Calendar 2009

Written on October 10, 2008 by mimecine

Last year one of our most popular items was the calendar made by our Helsinki friend Noa with funny nonsensical texts that have the characters to spell the current month embedded in them. *breathe*. Actually, just take a look at image and you see what I mean. Anyway, we got them back for this year. Not last years calendar, but a new fresh 2009 one. So, this year you can pay that rent on time. Or at least you would know when it’s late. Hmm…  With that in mind I better not get one myself after all.  They should arrive to us in the beginning of November, but we won’t promise any shipping date before mid November – should be plenty time before the new year. We decided to start early anyway so that if we are running out, we would have a chance to have more made (Last year there were quite a few of you who couldn’t get one since we couldn’t make more in time).  Nuff said, Happy Planning!

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