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Mini #3: Broken Plate Cookies

Written on September 8, 2008 by mimecine

Thanks Kayak49 (flickr)

SEPTEMBER 13TH and 14TH (That’s Saturday and Sunday) MINI-EXHIBITION #3 is to happen – Cookies!:

What is it about baked goods that gives us so much comfort? How creative is cooking? Who is the baker at the bakery? Who is making all those cupcakes out there? And why do people love cupcakes as much as they do? What exactly is in all of those yummy things? How much damage did the Atkins diet do to the baking industry? Where have all the loving bakers gone…long time passing…

BROKEN PLATE COOKIES is Sophia Loch and Kristina Rim. Both started baking when they were 10 years old but baking only brought them together half a year ago. Since the Summer you can find them on the street in Williamsburg selling their wares and making people happy. We invited them to have a Mini-Exhibition and now in the spirit of the rummage sale they will set up a baked goods table at KIOSK during our annual sale. We are hoping people will gather to pursue two of the great meditative pursuits: shopping and eating baked goods. Perhaps out of this a regular coffee klatch will be born. During this election season we all have a lot to talk about.

BROKEN PLATE COOKIES bake with wholesome, local ingredients using eco-conscious, raw goods such as whole grain flour from Wild Hive Bakery, dairy from Ronnybrook Farm and eggs from Garden of Eve and Knoll Krest. Yumm! Good suppliers = Good Food = Good Business Practice = Goodness for All. When we asked both of them why they are baking and they individually replied quite briefly: “We love it!”. Not a bad motivation. Well, we love eating it and are looking forward to having them at KIOSK for a weekend of sale shopping and noshing and talking to people over in the baked goods corner.

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