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kutztown crafts and PA dutch and german

Written on July 18, 2008 by mimecine

On July 2 we went to the annual, week long Kutztown Festival in search of American things. Although it is billed as a PA Dutch fair there were many people calling themselves PA German. What is the difference? I found out it is the same, check it out on the Wiki, a fascinating story. We ate quite well and had a really fun time. In terms of KIOSK research it was not so great, the standard of craft is not what it used to be (sorry) but in terms of a good, relaxing and interesting day out in a totally foreign culture 3 hours from Manhattan, it was incredible. At one point Yuki remarked on how everyone was really happy and having a fun time, wow! different from New York! Here are some pictures of lollipops, local root beer, handmade pretzels, traditional strawberry shortcake and kids horsing around in a sandbox filled with dried corn. With the price of corn going up like mad these days I hope they kept it for next year! Thank you Yuki for some of the images and Janna, our friend who very wisely moved to Kutztown, for the visit.


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