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A new york coffee shop

Written on July 7, 2008 by mimecine

Not your average coffee shop, Zibetto! Founded by one of the owners of our favorite coffee bar in Stockholm, Sosta, is it run in the tradition of an Italian coffee bar, no tables, walk in, remain standing, have a really good coffee and go. No American coffee is served here and definitely it is contrary to the American style coffee hang-out for hours scenario. Their coffee is one of the best, if not the best, in town. It’s a little out of the way but we traipsed up there on Sunday. Just near the MOMA which is a good thing…don’t let the semi-posh look throw you.

1385 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10001

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  1. Comment by Yogi - The Coffee Makers Reviewer:

    I would much rather prefer a cafe where I can sit and enjoy my coffee….But if the coffee is as good as you are saying…well…I can give my chair a skip…:-)

    July 8, 2008 @ 1:59 am

  2. Comment by Marco:

    I know, that’s what most Americans want: a place to sit down with free wifi. But trust me, those coffees are small. There is no “tall” or “venti” – and you’ll drink it in less than two minutes. And don’t be fooled – it’s as expensive as anything else or even more, but it is very, very good. Try it. And try it again. You’ll appreciate it!

    July 8, 2008 @ 9:08 am

  3. Comment by emily:

    hi guys! yes i love this place too – the proprietor always tucks his tie in the coolest fashion and everytime i’ve been there, all the ladies leave flirtatious lipstick blots on their napkins after lingering too long at the bar…i’ve always wanted those danesi paper cups on display on the shelf behind him too…

    July 25, 2008 @ 10:52 am

  4. Comment by coffee maker reviews:

    Actually nice idea – you can really mingle easily with other people as you drink your coffee. Aren’t coffee shops the best places to chat – having no tables means that it will be easy to chat to other people, you perhaps usually wouldn’t want to go up to in a normal crowded coffee shop with tables.

    I like the idea !!

    September 30, 2008 @ 8:26 am