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cheap eats in stockholm

Written on March 9, 2008 by mimecine


my friend asked for cheap eats in stockholm
here is the list I sent her!


for coffee and sandwich, daytime only
84 sveavagen between the center and odenplan
Tel: 6121349

center near hotorget
cafe for lunch, swedish traditional for a shrimp sandwich and coffee / cake
Kungsgatan 55
Tel: 208405

fish restaurant in the center for lunch only!
located in Hötorgshallen, the indoor market on Hötorget square
Tel: 207262

SODERMALM: (south part of the city)

Outdoor Herring stand:
outdoor on slussen square, sodermalm, daytime only
it is a little truck type thing with a fish on top
for fried herring Swedish style, served a bunch of different ways

Fyra knop:
a creperie for dinner on sodermalm
Svartensgatan 4
Tel: 640 7727

Pet Sounds Bar and Restaurant:
cafe, not sure how late they are open
good for a sandwich and coffee
Skånegatan 80
tel: 6438225

Blå Lotus:
cafe, inexpensive and good
not sure of their hours but think it is lunch & dinner
Katarina Bangata 21
tel: 644 5043

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