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craving certain foods from Hong Kong

Written on March 1, 2008 by mimecine

export.jpgtofu.jpgnoodleman.jpgfrenchtoast1.jpgHere I am sitting dreaming of certain things we ate in Hong Kong while I pour over dim sum possibilities for tomorrow. I thought one of the best things I could do right now to get the fantasy of eating in Hong Kong out of my system would be to show others some of the delicious food moments we had on the trip. I know close to nothing about Cantonese food so I am sure my terminology is totally wrong but hopefully you can get the jist of things. Congee, fried sesame balls,hot tofu in a bowl with sugar syrup/ water poured over, fresh tofu, Hong Kong style french toast, fresh soy milk, fresh shrimp and egg noodles, fried fish with a curry sauce from a street cafe, etc etc. OH: MILK TEA Hong Kong Style

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