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Pee Diddy

Written on October 16, 2007 by mimecine

KIOSK, Club, Arena, Etc
If you are following celebrity news (or just took a cab / watched tv / read any papers) , you might have come across the piece of Mr. Diddy roughing it up with a friend at the club that is hosted by our neighboring cafe Bari. Well, of course the first mainstream reporter got it all wrong stating that the club is the night-time extension of the store. Next we hear of it, it has been picked up by many other media outlets without fact-checking (actually, Fox5 did call, although they just wanted to hear if we saw anything or Britney).

So, no, we don’t have a club that you haven’t been invited to. And no, Mr. P didn’t fight over the last ‘girl smiling head’ (even if that would have been understandable).

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