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to eat in berlin

Written on September 17, 2007 by mimecine

p1020052.jpgleo.jpgFriend in berlin now, needs a place to eat, I don’t eat meat so my resources are limited in Berlin although great stuff, our friend Kirsty who lives in Berlin now directed us to these places so I have to give her credit…

Knödel, the German dumpling, DELICIOUS, nice interior too, good neighborhood

Leo Bettini
Mulackstrasse 33
030 60507449

For traditional German food, casual, cosy, good for lunch, also some groceries, they have a lovely radler (beer/lemonade mix) and also spatzel, baked goods too

Rochstrasse 2
030 27596130

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  1. Comment by Jessica:

    I am dying to go to Berlin, if I get around to it soon I will definitely be enjoying some of your highlights

    October 3, 2007 @ 3:51 pm