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More Stockholm things

Written on September 5, 2007 by mimecine

some more things from Stockholm I am remembering:

A lovely, little, old flower shop where the man is as uplifting as the flowers. Open on Sundays too from 10 – 15.00! Good to know if you are going to visit family. We got one amazing peach gladiolus there and people were mesmerized by it when I was walking home.

HH Cardulain Blommor
Sveavagen 102
tel: 6737348

A magical cafe done in 1954 by a husband and wife team that has not changed since. Everything is baked on site and the interior is truly inspirational. I go there for a sweet pick me up and a strong Swedish coffee. Everything is still done by the team.

Valand Café & Konditori
Surbrunnsgatan 48
tel: 300476

A shop filled with vintage things, from lamps to my favorite: old printed matter. A real candy store of goodies. Even better, located just up the street from Valand!

Surbrunnsgatan 58

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