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ryan air 8 hours later and it still sucks

Written on July 25, 2007 by mimecine

discontent in skavstahey! ryan air, your just great, we really like starting our holiday in an airport in the middle of the swedish countryside for 8 hours waiting for a spare part to the plane,  I’m making up t-shirts: “we sat for 8 hours of delay at an airport in sweden thanks to ryan air and all we got was a crummy half a sandwich and a tea.” Meanwhile, guess what, no ryan air staff here to talk to so no one can answer our questions because they “don’t work for ryan air” they work for the airport services, with the weak dollar we aren’t even flying on the cheap, the flight stockholm to marseille rt is costing us $250 each. Welcome to the new economy america! here we are the underdog…low cost flying is bullshit, flying in general is pretty uncool, seems like KIOSK needs to take to the rails, but then again it’s hard to get to europe by train from the usa, crap, anyway, don’t fly ryan air if you want to play it safe

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