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Written on July 1, 2007 by mimecine

ae7fe3b92e8e7f44b531fd20601df5e3.jpgIt got lost in the sauce of the ICFF (new york furniture fair) festivities but we have launched our first book in the KIOSK BOOKS series. Germany is number one. Inside is the German collection and our resources from the trip…where we ate, slept, places we went, suggest to go to in Germany, etc etc… Produced under the gun and self-published at Prince Street Copies (great guys I have been visiting for over 10 years, support your local stores!) in Soho, hand-stamped and numbered, we could only afford to print 160. Next country is Finland, we will be making a book for every country if all goes as planned! Will be posting German resources on this blog as time permits, have to add Stockholm first as friends are traveling there soon!

Update: You can find it here on the site.

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