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MILAN to eat, to sleep and to see

Written on June 5, 2007 by mimecine

USA in Milancoconuts in milanDuomoSome friends are getting ready to go to Milan so I write my favorites here….enjoy!
numbers are for when in Milan when abroad add +39
a good guidebook was “art/shop/eat Milan”

To Sleep:

Aurora Hotel
corso Buenos Aires, 18
I wondered about this place, my co-worker booked the rooms for us and it was only 50 euro a night and in the city center. In a very normal part of Milan, actually my favorite part for this reason on a busy shopping street. The room was totally fine, shower in the room, toilet down the hall, perfectly quiet except when others came in late, perfectly clean and a very nice staff, really great when you are on a budget.

To Eat:

La Latteria
Via San Marco 24
it is in guidebooks which always makes me cautious but it actually is amazing food, with great rose tea, I had a couscous and vegetable puree and a fish dish with olives and anchovy, it was terrific, I was on my own and had a long lunch with the paper, the staff took care of me telling me what to do in Italian, very cosy, no reservations

Gnocco Fritto
via Pasquale Paoli 2
near tortona just by the canal, really delicious fried bread pieces served with a choice of meat or cheese, great cheese selection and pastas too, no salads, inexpensive and good, decent wine too

Pizzeria Spontni
Corso Buenos Aires 60
I went for pizza last year, this year it happened to be close to my hotel, I plan to go at least once every time I am in Milan, single girls beware, the hosts are matchmakers! I was on my own both times and both times was “set-up” with a single male diner, if I was not married it could have turned into something interesting. They only serve pizza and beer, pizza with cheese or extra cheese, large or small beer, totally DELICIOUS. nice vibe, neighborhood place, can seat large or small parties, no reservations, you have to wait, good view of Milan

Antica Trattoria della Pesa
V.le Pasubio 10
I am not a HUGE fan of Milanese food but one has to try the local stuff. That said, this is one of my favorite places to eat in town, great interior too.

S. Gregorio
via S. Gregorio 1
If you stay at the Aurora Hotel, go here for coffee in the morning, great cornetti, great coffee, great crowd of locals, again, not fancy, you can sit outside too

To see:

Prada Foundation
via Fogazzaro 36
For art, go see, something monumental every time, never your average museum/gallery visit.

Brera Gallery (Pinacoteca di Brera)
via Brera 28
A peacful, lovely gallery experience, Mantegna’s “Lamentation Over the Dead Christ” had me spellbound for 15 minutes.

Walk down Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, a beautiful piece of architecture leading to the Duomo which of course should also not be missed…expecially a trip to the roof.

“The Last Supper”
Santa Maria delle Grazie
reservations: 02-4987588

Many have told me: “it was not as big as I thought, it was not as monumental as I thought, it ain’t all that” but then again they said the same about The Grand Canyon, both brought tears to my eyes, how can something so influential and monumental not? “The Last Supper” is very beautiful as is the church it is located within. Give yourself enough time to see both. NOTE! reservations are required! I called a week in advance and got a place.

Fish Design
via M. Malpighi 3
Gaetano Pesce’s designs in the Fish Design store, lots of inspiration on one place

Hardware Store
sorry, I do not know the name, it is on Corso Buenos Aires, close to Porto Venezia. Old signage, old school vibe, just near the subway entrance and close to Fish Design.

Marni Outlet
via Sant’Andrea 14
Out of the way and a pain to get there unless you can afford the cab but a huge selection of Marni goods, discounted, if you are into it you are into this.

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