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shops in Berlin

Written on April 11, 2007 by mimecine

theapt.jpgcash.jpguber.jpgrsvp.jpgwith germany in the store I thought to write down some of our favorite places in berlin
we have the cards in the shop for people to take, and everyone is very curious about what we found there
here is a quick list, more to come when I dig out the cards soon I hope
numbers are for when you are in berlin! add +49 and drop first 0 if you are abroad!

kiosk sister shop in berlin, need I say more! check out the site..they have many kiosk type goods and we feature some of their products in the shop…
kastanienallee 44
10 119 berlin
030- 41 99 71 50
website: kwikshop.de
online store too!

Cash & the Apartment
the apartment is the best place for clothing in berlin that we found, we were really into it
hidden in a basement, they have left the whole main floor empty, it is really beautiful, upside down
great collection/eye for pieces, the have a second hand store Cash around the corner
Memhardstr. 8
10178 Berlin
030 – 280 42 253, call for hours
website: apartmentberlin.de
online store too!

RSVP paper shop
great paper store/pens/stationary from all over europe mainly
really lovely shop interior too!
mulackstrasse 14

kids store, the most amazing one I have yet to find, huge selection of wooden toys from germany
a realy dream to me, nothing flashing but stuff for entertainment and the brain
perfect to bring a kid in or get gifts, we need this in new york
raumerstr 21

this store is a sister concept to Kiosk, they do a theme based on a word and change every few months
the owner has a terrific eye and the store interior is really nice, she often has regional products that have passed her hard edit
auguststr 26a

more to come….sorry for the bad photos, we were rushing and the light was always low in janurary


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  1. Comment by Daniela:

    Hi Alisa,

    I’m living in Berlin and think you’ve picked a very nice selection of shops from my town. Great choice!
    There’s a quite new one, you might like: Wertsverkauf on Rosenthaler Straße 71, Mitte, http://www.s-wert-design.de/.

    By the way I love your online shop and look forward to coming to your store in nyc..



    May 10, 2007 @ 9:05 am

  2. Comment by Alisa:

    thanks for the tip, I will be sure to check it out when I am next in town
    it is great to hear you like the selection, this is a major thing when locals agree! thanks for writing!

    May 11, 2007 @ 5:57 am