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Wakana Inn Tokyo

Written on April 5, 2007 by mimecine

I came across the Wakana Inn business card today in my pile
It is an amazing, small, traditional ryokan run by a lovely older woman in a great part of Tokyo called Kagurazaka, the old geisha area. It feels very relaxed and everyday. In the past it was more bustling and frequented mainly by writers, now it is pretty calm but still very, very charming and very unusual for Tokyo. One night the inn owner walked us to a local restaruant, Koto no Fuji (5 Wakamiyacho, Shinjuku-ku), a small izakaya popular with sumo wrestlers and big drinkers, it was a great time. Staying there was a wonderful experience, I recommend it, you really are staying in someones home.
Sorry, no good pictures

Wakana Inn
4-7 Kagurazaka
phone: +81 3-3260-3769

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