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Amsterdam, a short rambling list of places

Written on April 3, 2007 by mimecine

amsterdam1.jpgamsterdam2.jpgamsterdam3.jpgOur friend Kip is going on a crazy tour of Europe and I offered to give him some resources for Amsterdam and Stockholm, etc. So, here are my favorite places in Amsterdam, granted, I have not been there for sometime and there are not many since I was only there for three days but I hope everything is still good and exists. It is a lovely town even though our car was both broken into and had a boot put on it, damn! It was a expensive trip! Only after this happened were we warned not to drive into Amsterdam! Gee, thanks! So please Kip, don’t drive! Take this as a warning. I don’t have a good hotel to recommend, if anyone knows of a place please comment…also, if anyone knows if these places have closed or has additional recommendations please do comment

+31 (0)20 before the numbers…

De Bast
a healthfood store, great selection
Huidenstraat 19, Western Canal Belt (624 8087)

Rozengracht 32, the Jordaan (624 4093)
for cheese, really nice people and great selection, we are really into cheese and Dutch cheeses are fantastic

‘t Kuyltje
Gasthuismolensteeg 9 (620 1045).
excellent and really cheap, I went there every morning (opens early) for a fresh OJ and Dutch broodje, really yummy Dutch sandwich, I hope the place is still there it was so traditional, not dead in the center which was good as it got me out on a morning walk to check things out, not expensive which is also a plus

I was looking for good local herring and the best i found was at a street cart, I hope the man is still parked there…go down utrectsestraat, past 85, as you come to a park on left hand side if you are walking south, it’s a little outdoor wagon thing and the only one in the area

Singel 385 (623 7743)
really nice little bakery, where you can sit-down, I am into their honey waffles, but the coffee ones were even better

for some reason all the amsterdam places I noted are food related, we were not there for Kiosk, I guess food is a big priority for me, seems like we need to go there for Kiosk!

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