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Happy Spumoni Day!

August 22, 2011 by Ming

Today was national Spumoni day. In homage to our new found favorite dessert we paid another visit to Spumoni Gardens. Sadly we weren’t greeted with the red, white and green celebration we had anticipated – they didn’t even know about the holiday – but the Spumoni was as tasty and beautiful as ever in all […]

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La Lunchonette for brunch

May 31, 2010 by Alisa

We went to La Lunchonette for brunch yesterday. 2 1/2 hours delicious. Great waffles, great omelet. Good stuff! Cool inside! Near the High Line. It was a perfect Sunday experience in New York. They also happen to be the host of our annual KIOSK staff Xmas party. 30 10th Avenue & West 18th Street, New […]

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Kiosk and Project Number 8 = Magic

March 18, 2010 by mimecine

We have had a long-time love affair with Project Number 8 without them even knowing and then we had a long-term love affair with them knowing. How could we not love what they do, beauty! integrity! a bright mind! Rare attributes and even rarer in combination. When they asked us to make a collection of […]

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a show at the city reliquary

June 25, 2009 by mimecine

“This exhibition seeks to commemorate the many places that have come and gone, all of which have contributed to a colorful New York City upbringing. This multimedia installation will include works on paper, film, literature and assorted ephemera, providing a unique perspective which will complement the already vast collection currently housed in the Reliquary. By […]

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Mini #12: Ken Brown’s Postcards

June 8, 2009 by mimecine

We are proud to show this longtime idol of ours. Ken Brown, the creator of all those postcards that so inspired us to this day.  Seldom did we feel as dumbfounded as when we realized all these pictures we had littered our walls with (oh, and I had a few wicked rubber stamps too) came […]

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Mini#10 – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

February 11, 2009 by mimecine

Fashion at a kiosk? – KIOSK – clothing can be as everyday and as essential as a vegetable peeler, think general store and think about what you need… Slow and Steady Wins the Race is a clothing label by Mary Ping, presented as a quarterly clothing diary: past editions: sunglasses, shoes, sweats, pockets, etc (you need it). Beginning on February […]

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Mini #9: SRI

January 23, 2009 by mimecine

Somehow bags of all kinds, particularly fancy handbags, have become ALL THE RAGE over the past few years. Just like people on the American frontier would have their portraits taken with their prized music box, images of women today include themselves and their prized bag. Doodles and doddles and bibs and bobs, snazzy. We like to offer […]

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Travel to Dullsville

December 18, 2008 by mimecine

They are back, the couple behind the esoteric store that inspired us a lot to do what we do. Some of you remember a store on 13th St between 4th Ave and Ave A that sold an all sorts of pleasant and wonderfully unpleasant things – for example, our ghastly parrot lamp was a find […]

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November 10, 2008 by mimecine

Mrs Mosquito, why are you still around? It’s November and you should be dead asleep or just plain dead. I wish death upon no-one but you at this point. Please bite our neighbor instead. Bzzz, go away, way, way! Yes, if you don’t go, I’ll call for Super Timor – the real buzz-kill. The real […]

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Live and Awry in New York

July 28, 2008 by mimecine

This is a link to a video of a cyclist being assaulted by a cop From BoingBoing: ” Although a judge ruled in 2006 that the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides could proceed without a permit, the NYPD’s stance remains somewhat adversarial. Though the city has not been enforcing the controversial parade permit law when […]

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