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Plastic Bag Happening 2: Turku

July 2, 2009 by mimecine

Looks like Jason’s Plastic Bag Happening 2 has been quite a success! They really have beautiful bags over there. Look at that Rambo bag!!!

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object: hummingbird feeder

by mimecine

Combing through pages and pages of “support USA made products” on the internet in preparation for the next American installment here at KIOSK is at once exhilarating – seeing how many people think and care about this sort of thing – and sad as many of the links lead to “this site no longer exists” […]

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NYC Electronics Recycling Sunday the 16th of Nov!

November 15, 2008 by mimecine

Bring prosperity to someone by recycling all the electronics you have lying around tomorrow at Cooper Square (that’s south of 4th ave / St. Marks Place -ish) from 8-2. Not a great location or hours, but I am sight to leave my surplus of old cellphones, cables (it’s a treasure trove of firewire/ethernet/usb-cables) and old […]

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November 10, 2008 by mimecine

Mrs Mosquito, why are you still around? It’s November and you should be dead asleep or just plain dead. I wish death upon no-one but you at this point. Please bite our neighbor instead. Bzzz, go away, way, way! Yes, if you don’t go, I’ll call for Super Timor – the real buzz-kill. The real […]

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