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one more for berlin

September 17, 2007 by mimecine

hi, one more for Berlin to check out with so many galleries and not much time it is hard to know where to go, our favorite was Neugerriemschneider, such a beautiful space too… Neugerriemschneider Linienstrasse 155 D- 10115 Berlin 030-2887 7277 –mitte–

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to eat in berlin

by mimecine

Friend in berlin now, needs a place to eat, I don’t eat meat so my resources are limited in Berlin although great stuff, our friend Kirsty who lives in Berlin now directed us to these places so I have to give her credit… Kn√∂del, the German dumpling, DELICIOUS, nice interior too, good neighborhood Leo Bettini […]

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Berlin Hotel suggestion

July 12, 2007 by mimecine

I am a little hotel obsessed right now. We did not have a hotel to suggest in Berlin since we stayed with friends, so I asked a girlfriend who recommended Flowers. It looks lovely and I really trust my friends suggestions! If anyone stays there please let me know what you thought! Alisa www.flowersberlin.de

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shops in Berlin

April 11, 2007 by mimecine

with germany in the store I thought to write down some of our favorite places in berlin we have the cards in the shop for people to take, and everyone is very curious about what we found there here is a quick list, more to come when I dig out the cards soon I hope […]

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