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It’s already November !

November 2, 2011 by yuki


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Yuki eats NY !

September 25, 2011 by yuki

I have a good news! My iPhone app “ Yuki eats NY” just launched! It is about eat-out guide in NYC based on my first book: “International Food Guide to NY” which I published in Japan 2006. People kept asking me to make an English version –so I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to […]

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January 5, 2010 by yuki

A Happy New Year!!A feast after a feast, i really enjoyed my yummy holidays and now i am  little  afraid to weight myself…  anyway, I would like to share  some tasty ideas to  eat dried tuna from Portugal ! First of all, i tried the way Alisa recommended,slice very thin then put some olive oil […]

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KIOSK tasting room #1

November 21, 2009 by yuki

Alisa&Marco gave me beautiful package of tinned sardine from Portugal when they got back from their trip. They are too beautiful to open, so i just kept them on a decoration shelf in my kitchen for a while. However, i have been thinking how it  tastes  like? So, I decided to open the package very […]

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Blue stove

November 10, 2009 by yuki

I would like to write about a charming pastry shop in Williamsburg, the shop called ” Blue stove”. It was named after 83 years old  beautiful turquoise blue antique stove which is placed in the center of the shop. This stove was taken over from the owner’s great grandma.  It is not using as a […]

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An Artisan Chocolate factory in Brooklyn

October 30, 2009 by yuki

Hi, my name is Yuki, I have been a member of team KIOSK since they opened.  I am very passionate about food and have published a guide book of international restaurants in NYC which is on sale at KIOSK. I will be posting as many tasty notes on the blog as i can. Please check […]

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