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NEW YORK, NY 10012
PHONE: 212 226 8601

Kiosk: An independent stand from which merchandise is sold, often placed in the common area of a shopping center.

Kiosk is located in SoHo, New York. We offer a curated range of products from all over the world in an exhibition format. Everything is sourced during our travels; we build the collection while away and then feature what we found at KIOSK for 4 – 6 months. Our current show is AMERICAN INSTALLMENT #2, in addition we also have an “Ongoing” collection of objects from previous exhibitions.

We opened the store to offer an alternative to over-design. We consider the objects we stock to be humble, straightforward and beautiful for their simplicity and directness. Often they are traditional goods that have developed over generations or anonymous design found in general stores, DIYs and kiosks. Products created by not one personality but things that are the result of local aesthetics and needs. Their beauty is sometimes hard to see in today’s market; our motivation to start Kiosk was to shed some light on these anonymous objects and support independent producers.

The store is not static. We are not able to predict our stock as it is decided by each trip. Sometimes certain goods are only offered on a very limited basis. There is always a mix of things, the goods assembled together become a rough portrait of each trip and tell about a place and it’s people.

Hope to see you at the shop!


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  1. Comment by Natalie:

    I’d like to see Kiosk go to Mauritius. It’s a great place where many cultures collide. Hence, lots of particular objects and images. I have good contacts there. Let me know if you’d like to go. J’aime L’ile Maurice 🙂

    alt email: nat@nataliemarchant.com

    April 2, 2007 @ 9:32 pm

  2. Comment by Jerlyn:

    Hello Kiosk! I am in Berlin, Germany. Is there anything you need? I’m stationed here for a while…if you need a “satellite.” x, j

    September 29, 2008 @ 8:32 am

  3. Comment by Marco:

    Thanks, we will keep you in mind!

    October 3, 2008 @ 1:54 pm

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