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dear kiosk paper

Written on Jun/13-12 by Alisa


Well, someone is reading it! But is it a man or a machine?

Issue TWO by Ross Menuez/ Salvor is out within the next two weeks.



Subject:     Ad Placement Inquiry
Date:     June 13, 2012 10:25:13 AM GMT+02:00
To:     KIOSK Romeny <info@kioskkiosk.com>


Hello Editor/Publisher

We are interested in placing the following ad below in your paper(s)

NO Experience necessary.
Salary Commensurate, and takes little of your time.
Requirements: -Should be a computer literate,must be efficient and
dedicated. Please send resume to: distributionspcompany@gmail.com

size: 2×3
Duration: 6 weeks
Payment terms: MC/Visa Card

Looking forward to read from you
Donald Tom

Thank you,


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  1. Comment by Ming:

    HA! Will you take him up on his offer and make Kiosk Paper a community bulletin?

    Jun/22-12 @ 12:34 am

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