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If these losers can do it, why can’t you?

Written on May 10, 2012 by Alisa


If these jerks can win seats in the state Senate why can’t you? Read their story here in the NYT: After a Rebellion That Shook Albany, Three Falls From Grace

They aren’t retired celebrities and they are not particularly attractive, how did they make it in there? I mean really, what makes them different from you and why are we letting them on OUR payroll funded by OUR taxes.

I’d say it’s time to think about going into politics rather than hanging on the outside as a sour grape protesting. Not that protesting is bad but getting on the inside is where it is at. Look towards Iceland for a tip. Give it a thought. We need smart people in government, why are our political offices filled with the dregs? You know, political office can be as sexy and exotic as a graphic design job and I assume a bunch of clothing purchases can be written off as a work expense…think about it.



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