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Written on December 18, 2011 by mimecine

Done, done and DONE!

I am done with holiday shopping, I got everyone covered, they will all receive great gifts, and I know they will be very happy and eternally thankful to me. And it seems everyone else who is passing through here is done too — every single one! Done. Done with thinking, scheming, surfing, shopping and hopping from store to store to store. Done wrapping the gifts, done rhyming — my own Christmas rhymes are worthy of consideration for a literary prize if you ask me.

I and everyone out there have been incredibly organized this year — just like we should be! We planned ahead, no feet dragged. We responsible citizens of this modern world, have even already written up thank-you cards for the gifts we are going to receive from you. Thank you! Yes, thank you for your thoughtful, funny and heartwarming gifts! Not that we know what you are giving beforehand — only a few lucky ones possess the gift of foreseeing the future — but we know it’s good.

So you? I wouldn’t think this of you, but if you haven’t yet joined our club of effective planners, great seekers of the future, the upright congregate of self-respecting friends and family, there are still some great gifts out there. I have to say, I would be very happy receiving every one of these terrific items acheter cialis andorre. Except the blue watering can — I already have it! Come New Years Eve, I would trump my neighbors fireworks with a solemn, poetic hot air balloon falling up as the ball on Times Square falls down. If I were a guest at a dinner, I would help wash up the cabbage dishes with this superior Danish dish brush. Left-overs I’d tuck away neatly in a red-lidded container for the following day when my hosts really don’t want to cook. At the end, I’d leave some cedar incense behind to help them recover their senses, YES I would.

You may be late, but if you hurry up a little, the trustworthy postmen will have normal inexpensive priority packages delivered on time if you order before Tuesday night (we need a few hours to pack). Later than that, you will have to select Reindeer Express shipping to have it there the next day. If you live nearby us, we will be here until 4 PM on Christmas eve. If you miss that too, you better have a pen and paper handy to write a very nice note and hope for forgiveness.

At times I feel so good about myself that I forget what I haven’t done, or what I regret. I should have sharpened my mind before talking to that cutie the other day. I came across as a fool! I should have collected more recycling. I should have rolled up my sleeves and built a house or two.  

…and I really, really regret lying in writing. I hope Santa is not getting this letter or I’m sure he will bring me coal, only coal and masses of it, which I decidedly don’t want!

You get an UNKNOWN BUT FAMILIAR reduction of your bill at KIOSK just for mentioning this letter or typing in “Almost Done” when checking out online. “15” has somehow always sounded familiar to me.

Use the savings to treat someone to something, pass it on.



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