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i want you to read this

Written on August 13, 2011 by Alisa

We have some problems in our country and they need to be solved, we can’t sit idle.  Any opinions on the article linked below?  I largely agree with the piece. At this point I would still vote for Obama, we have to support him in 2012, but while giving support to our government we also need to make demands on what we want.  Our political system needs to be reformed but how do we begin the process? For one, a two party system is counterproductive and simply does not work but politicians comfortable in their office are not going to change this. What we have learned from the past is change can happen but it needs to happen from outside the establishment, why in 2008 we felt it could happen from inside any party was foolish, misinformed and flat out lazy. We went out and bought the band-aid rather than making our own.

Is the image above a sunrise or a sunset?.  Take the time and let me know your thoughts, the Kiosk community is a great one, we can come together, will you join us?


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