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Stuffing Stockers

Written on November 30, 2010 by mimecine

We got your stockings covered and warmed up!   Easy-peasy (peecy / peacy / pizi ?) instant selection of stuff to stuff under $50, under $20, under $10 and under $5. Actually, you can probably figure out how to be more precise in price but I felt these links will get you started….  We got a revamped search too – it was actually that that got me started on this insta-cheap thing. But search, as handy as it can be is also pretty boring these days. Google does it better anyway.

More things are happening. If you come to the store (the physical!) you’ll see some of the changes that are happening! If we get around to it, expect some photos here.

We’ll try to make time for some sort of holydaypartay too, but nothing set in stone yet. Bye for now!


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