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Kiosk and Project Number 8 = Magic

Written on March 18, 2010 by mimecine

We have had a long-time love affair with Project Number 8 without them even knowing and then we had a long-term love affair with them knowing. How could we not love what they do, beauty! integrity! a bright mind! Rare attributes and even rarer in combination. When they asked us to make a collection of Mid-Atlantic goods for their new location at the Ace Hotel we started right away. Wooly Willy, Wiffle and Johnson’s Popcorn are all represented. Like ants climbing up their hill or Kate Bush running up it, the collection will be added onto as time passes, particularly when we begin on our New Jersey collection next month. (New Jersey being Marco’s location pick for this year.) Oh it is super…! Please stop on by Project Number 8 at Ace and say hi from us.

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