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Written on January 5, 2010 by yuki

A Happy New Year!!A feast after a feast, i really enjoyed my yummy holidays and now i am  little  afraid to weight myself…  anyway, I would like to share  some tasty ideas to  eat dried tuna from Portugal ! First of all, i tried the way Alisa recommended,slice very thin then put some olive oil and fresh thyme.  It was very good and perfect with beer or dry white wine.  Then, i have noticed that i know this taste… yes, we have a very similar smoked tuna in Japan that’s why the taste was so familiar with me. So i tried it with some Japanese dishes and it came up so good!

I put some slice of dried tuna onto Ramen instead of sliced pork.  As you see, the tuna sliced turned into brownish color since it is being in the hot soup broth and get slightly cooked, then it brings out smoky deep fish flavor into the soup. Unnnn, it is soooo good!  In addition, it is perfect topping for not meat eater !

Then, i had Ochazuke with dried tuna which came up unbelievable delicious!!! Ochazuke is one of easy & quick late night meal. Normally, we use over cooked cold rice, put some topping as Nori or Konbu seaweed, pickles, salted fish egg or fish and Wasabi.  Then pour some green tea or Hoji tea onto it. This time, i put some Nori, flaked dried tuna, Nozawana(Japanese green leaf)pickles, ground sesame seed,Wasabi and put some soy-sauce then poured Hoji tea all over the bowl. Wow… when i poured tea, very good fish flavor spread around! Again, the hot tea slightly cooks the dried tuna so the color turns into brownish and texture gets softer then brings out so much flavor !  wow, it was the best Ochazuke ever i had!

A Yummy New Year !!!



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  1. Comment by Antonieta Ribeiro:

    I am portuguese. I live in Lisbon. Thanks for the recipe. I am sure it is very good. Bye bye

    January 13, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

  2. Comment by Ezra:

    mmmm….looks and sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing your meal, happy eating!

    January 15, 2010 @ 7:30 pm