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updated stockholm tips / good eats

Written on November 1, 2009 by mimecine

Eating out in Stockholm can be expensive. Here are our suggestions. I eat Swedish food when I am in Sweden and I mainly I like to go to traditional places.

En Flicka på Gaffeln
Not traditional, but very Swedish in a way…we had a party there in September, food GREAT, atmosphere GREAT, can’t wait to go back, for sure go!
Frejgatan 79
tel: 320525

Swedish food, traditional, old beer hall, not always the best food but a great atmosphere, I really like it
Blekingegatan 40
tel: 55609090

Swedish food, traditional, the ruined the upstairs decor with an update, eating in the bar downstairs is the way to go!
Karlbergsvägen 14
tel: 52728100

Den Gyldene Freden
Swedish food, very traditional in food and interior in a good way, open since 1722, I had not gone for 13 years of visiting Stockholm until this summer, glad I did!
Lunch is the way to go, not as stuffy
Österlånggatan 51
tel: 249760

Swedish food, traditional, explore the place while you are there, interesting decor…nice to go for drinks only too
Dinner or for a beer at the bar
Dalagatan 50
tel: 325321

KB or Konstnärsbaren

Swedish food, a bit updated at times in a good way, traditionally known as an “artists” place, nowdays too expensive for such but good if someone else is paying
Smålandsgatan 7
tel: 6796032

I could go on, there are more but I have not eaten at them yet! Hope this helps!

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