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Updated stockholm tips / Cheap Eats

Written on November 1, 2009 by mimecine


Another friend is going to Stockholm- I wish I was there to host! – but instead I offer these updated tips to him and anyone else reading this post. I hope the weather is good, it can be iffy at this time of year. My suggestion is visit from April 15 – Sept 15 and you have a fairly safe bet. First I put the cheap eats here and then I go onto the more pricey venues…


for cof­fee and sand­wich, day­time only
84 sveav­agen between the cen­ter and oden­plan- you will see others around town
Tel: 6121349

for a coffee and sandwich, open 7 am – 7 pm most days
Rörstrandsgatan 4
Tel: 302380

dumplings dumplings asian, yummy, only open at lunch, go there if you go to visit the gallery part of town, if you look at the map you will see what I mean!
Sankt Eriksgatan 118
tel: 50089949

cen­ter near hotor­get
cafe for lunch, swedish tra­di­tional for a shrimp sand­wich and cof­fee / cake
Kungs­gatan 55
Tel: 208405

fish restau­rant in the cen­ter for lunch only!
located in Hötorgshallen, the indoor mar­ket on Hötor­get square
Tel: 207262

It might seem odd to go to Stockholm for Japanese food but the fish is really good in Sweden…
Observatoriegatan 13
Tel: 333482

Valand Café & Kon­di­tori
A mag­i­cal cafe done in 1954 by a hus­band and wife team that has not changed since. Every­thing is baked on site and the inte­rior is truly inspi­ra­tional. I go there for a sweet pick me up and a strong Swedish cof­fee. Every­thing is still done by the team. Not fancy, bring something to read if you are alone
Sur­brunns­gatan 48
Tel: 300476

SODERMALM: (south part of the city)

Out­door Her­ring stand:
out­door on slussen square, soder­malm, day­time only
it is a lit­tle truck type thing with a fish on top
for fried her­ring Swedish style, served a bunch of dif­fer­ent ways
I think the best herring in town

Fyra knop:
a creperie for din­ner on soder­malm
Svartens­gatan 4
Tel: 640 7727

Veggies from the stockholm farmers market in September

Veggies from the stockholm farmers market in September

Cafe Giffi
A Swedish diner, I can’t say more besides go there, admire the sign, have a liver paste sandwich and / or oatmeal in the morning with some coffee and roll with it. Not as good since smoking was banned but AHHHH, Mellqvist second location is across the street and towards the center if you need a posh coffee after.
Hornsgatan 65
tel: 669 77 88

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