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Bergman I love you

Written on August 28, 2009 by mimecine

An image from the Bergman home on Fårö

An image from the Bergman home on Fårö

Contrary to it being passé or not I have always loved Ingmar Bergman. I read his autobiography, Marco and I met on the island of Fårö where he had his home, when I first moved to Sweden I talked the Swedish Institute into loaning me copies of their English subtitled Bergman films they sent to their consulates abroad, as I felt watching Bergman was the only way to understand the inner workings of the Swedes (some Swedes would hate me for saying this but oh well). How many times can one watch “Wild Strawberries or Smiles of a Summer Night ? Forever I say. The man died in 2007 and now there is soon to be a public auction of many of his possessions. According to his will it was his wish, according to me the Swedish Government should be stepping in, but they are sadly conservative now and too busy privatizing the social systems, you know in Sweden, “businessmen” admire the American Way. HERE you can see details about the auction. Some of the objects are just incredible. If you want to visit Stockholm catching the auction might be a good idea.

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